Branded Seller Site with JustAddLive™️ Automation

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✓ Integration of Polished Brand with Authentic LIVE Videos

✓ Syndication of Blog Posts to Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

✓ Integrated Facebook Commenting System on Blog

✓ Facebook Pixel Installation for Optional Remarketing

✓ Integration of MLS (if you have IDX widgets or a plugin)

✓ Compatible with IDXBroker, Wolfnet and kvCORE Plugins (the cost of the plugin is between you and one of these 3 vendors. We can help you decide as there is a lot to consider with design elements and compatibility with your CRM)

We Wrote the Book on Funnels... But Lets Be Serious, You Will Not Build a F.U.N.N.E.L. by Yourself and You Will Not Blog Without Guidance. Hire Us to Build It and Train You How to Power It!

Get Your JustAddLive™ Blog + Monthly Blog Hosting + Monthly HousingLeadsUniversity™ Training Webinars EVERY Week for as long as you subscribe!

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Why Learn Funnels? The funnel training will help you gain higher registration rates for your Facebook traffic and higher sales conversion rates. You will learn the 6-Step F.U.N.N.E.L. Formula to grow your business and your database: Freemium, Upsell, Newsletter, Next Offer, Expand Market, Lifetime Client.

This bonus training includes a digital ebook written by John Pohly called The Ultimate Conversion Funnel Blueprint and a digital workbook that you can print out to identify your ideal audience. 

1. FREEMIUM: Facebook ads for free givaways are great for gaining high opt-in rates. We call valuable freebies a "freemium". Examples are free ebooks, digital whitepapers, downloadable checklists, and online videos.

2. UPSELL: When someone requests your freemium on your Facebook ad, you will send it to them and direct your new lead to an upsell offer.

3. NEWSLETTER: You got the lead in step 1 and most leads do not immediately sign up for an upsell offer. Freemiums always have digital delivery and that means that you have your leads email address to send follow-up on a regular basis in the form of a monthly e-newsletter.

4. NEXT OFFER: Every newsletter should contain content relevant to the topic of your freemium at the beginning of the funnel. You should also include a repeat of your original upsell and additional offers.

5. EXPAND MARKET: Providing great content on a regular basis to your target audience will help you build a following of raving fans (on Facebook) who share your posts and offers.

6. LIFETIME CLIENT: The best sales come from your previous clients. 

Get Your JustAddLive™ Blog + Monthly Blog Hosting + Monthly HousingLeadsUniversity™ Training Webinars EVERY Week for as long as you subscribe!

Branded Seller Site with JustAddLive™️ Automation

OK Pohly, you have 20 years dominating the real estate lead gen thing... What exactly do I get for my purchase?

 "Just Ad Live" Automation

  • Automated Syndiction of Uploaded Facebook Videos
  • Automated Syndication of Facebook LIVE Videos
  • Videos Automatically Become Blog Posts with SEO!
  • Blog Posts Automatically Become a Tweet
  • Blog Posts Automatically Becomes a LinkedIn Update (optional)

 Access to MacGyver (of Real Estate) 

  • Need the Blog to Talk to Your Other Technology? Got a Stick of Gum, Paperclip and a Match? No Problem, We Speak API Fluently and Can Make the Connections!

 Beyond LIVE... Fun, Leads, and Income. 

  • Start LIVE-ing and quit being the boring real estate agent!
  • Work From ANYWHERE! From a Train, in an Emergency Room, Your Kids Basketball Game!
  • Kaos-Proof Your Business. %$*@! Happens and Just Like Martha Stuart You Can Make More Money in Bad Times (Even from Prison)!

Under the Blog Hood  

  • We Create and Install Your Website Pixel 
  • The Pixel Follows Visitors with Marketing on up to 50,000 Mobile Apps, Facebook, Instagram
  • Pixel Marketing is Your Cost and Can Be Set Up for $1 a Day! Build Your Instant Messenger Robot

JustAddLive Includes Monthly FB Secret Agent Training

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much is the monthly JustAddLive™ blog hosting subscription?

The monthly hosting is $99 a month and includes monthly access to ALL HousingLeadsUniversity™ courses including FB Secret Agent, Inbound Blogger™, Alphabet Secret Agent, ClickHereVideo™, FunnelClub™, MineTheMets™ with LinkedIn, 4HourFunnel™ and Secret Agent Passport!

  • What is the upfront cost of the JustAddLive™ blog?

The current cost of a JustAddLive™ blog is $2,999.00 plus the monthly subscription of $99 a month for blog hosting.

  • What is a Wordpress IDX Plugin?

A Wordpress IDX plugin is the blog connection to your MLS. Most real estate blogs do not integrate the MLS. Sure, we can build a beautiful blog that links to your real estate website, but why not combine the two for a better blog visitor experience. Our development team at JustAddLive™ can do some amazing things with a Wordpress IDX plugin.

The SEO advantage is that Google really likes the combination of Wordpress and MLS listings. The price of the plugin is between you and the provider ( IDXBroker, Wolfnet, and kvCORE ). Our next 20 orders do not cost anything additional for our JustAddLive™ team to customize up to 20 pages on your site with the MLS. 

Your custom blog pages with a Wordpress IDX plugin will be updated daily with city, school district, or neighborhood listing search results. The plugins also allow you to display listings and search results of your choosing into any blog post. As a client you will definitely want to attend our weekly trainings to make the most of your JustAddLive™ blog.

  • What happens if we want to cancel the monthly hosting/training but keep the JustAddLive™ blog sometime in the future?

For a one-time fee of $100 we will help move the blog to a website server of your choice. We will not be able to continue to power the automation of video imports but all current content will remain intact with the blog.

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FBSA Seal of Approval

John Pohly was the first to warn the real estate industry of the removal of this advertising data from Facebook and continues to be the leading resource on the topic. If you want to fact check the changes that have already happened please click on a recent news source below:

Entrepreneur Reported August 15th, 2018 - Removal of Data

Inman News Reported August 17th, 2018 - Fair Housing Act

Tech Crunch Reported August 21st, 2018 - 5,000 Ad Targeting Options Gone