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With Me, Without Me... 100 Day Rocket Launch

For a limited time you can get my fast launch program, I set up the 4 most important Facebook ad funnels for your real estate team... the House Value funnel, Unique Value Proposition funnel, The Appointment (I.S.A.) funnel, and a Buyer Leads funnel.

Will 2018 bring the next real estate crash? RIGHT NOW you need to stop paying Zillow thousands a month, stop signing 1-year software contracts in hopes of becoming an internet rainmaker. Complete the shopping cart below and I will be in contact with you within 12 hours to get started!


Due to high demand and the need for iPohly Inc. to expand our marketing team, the 100 Day Rocket Launch price will be going up. Complete the shopping cart to lock-in today's pricing below and John Pohly will contact you to get started.

If you have never hired me (only bought or subscribed to my leading edge DIY real estate rainmaker trainings in past years like CL30DayChallenge, MyRedGuru, FunnelClub, HousingLeadsUniversity, ClickHereVideo, SearchBranding, FBsecretagent, 4hourfunnel etc.) then Schedule a 15-Minute Call so I can set your expectations on exactly what I build for you in the 100 Day Rocket Launch.

If you have previously attended some of my Facebook Advertising (FBSA) webinars or read my books on Facebook Advertisng for Real Estate (Seller Leads Made Simple), then you already know my Facebook A to Z marketing techniques that I use and what it can do for your business. Let's get started ASAP... Click the red button below before I hit my maximum capacity on this small group of "with me" clients on the 100 Day Rocket Launch.


You can trust us!

Maybe you do not know me yet. Here is my recent track record:

Created the 1st Training of How to Launch Facebook LIVE *Wrote the manual 2 weeks before it was invented by Facebook (2016)

Awarded #1 Lead Generator at Largest Real Estate Brokerage in the World (2014). Read Article from LeadPages

Created, the ONLY D-I-Y membership focused solely on mastering real estate lead generation with Facebook Advertising (2014)

Wrote the most downloaded book in history of Craiglist for real estate lead generation (2011) 

Predicted November 2008 Real Estate Crash in a YouTube Video Published in June 2008. The video is even more relevant in 2016. The next #shift is coming to a real estate market near you and a lot sooner than you probably think! Watch the Video

Before 2008, Rated #2 Salesperson of ALL Meritage Homes Sales Counselors in U.S. (2007), Won Marketer of The Year Award for Ryland Homes DFW (2006), #1 Ryland Homes Customer Service Award DFW (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005). Follow Me on LinkedIn

Before 2002... 2-Time Survivor of Terminal Cancer (Bone Cancer, Leukemia)

Who do you want on your team when the market crashes again? Cancer did not stop me. Craigslist did not stop me. The Greater Depression of 2008 did not stop me. My clients thrive, even in slow markets. Let's talk... Pick a Time

But wait, there is more... FREE $1,499.00 value:

When you hire me for the 100 Day Rocket Launch, you become a lifetime member of my weekly training and membership sites called FB Secret Agent and 4-Hour Funnel!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • After the 100 day launch, what happens?

After you work with me for 100 days, we can continue to work together. In the first 100 days, I complete most of the heavy lifting yet many agents want me to continue managing and optimizing the ad funnels. Facebook changes frequently and what works today will likely be different three months from now.

  • I am interested, what happens next?

Step 1: Click the red button and complete the shopping cart. Step 2: I contact you and we setup a time to go over your real estate goals and I get a chance to learn about your business and the software/websites that you own or lease.

  • How much does 100 Day Rocket Launch cost?

Click the red button below and find out... If your budget is under $1,000 for Facebook, I recommend starting with my training product called

  • Outside of the cost of the launch, what expenses can I expect?

Great question. It depends. I manage ads for clients that spend between $100 and $5,000 a month. The average agent in my 100 Day Rocket Launch program is spending $500 a month on ads. Sometimes the software you already have can be used. If you house value site is not converting well, I know of a great software program that only costs $60 a month. Most businesses outside of real estate that I have helped suprisingly did not have a CRM or database of clients. Your business is your database and it is the most important program to use on a daily basis.